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Join the COVID-19 Digital Sprint Hackathons

Join the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) COVID-19 Digital Sprint Hackathons, now seeking novel ideas and solutions. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses significant risk to society, the economy and the environment. With the nature

50 Things And More That Made Today’s World

Like Dr Seuss’ metaphorical ‘The Cat in the Hat’ BBC Radio 4 opens the box to release ” 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy“. The “Things” did not stop at 50 but kept

PhD opportunities through the Energy DTA

OU Energy research opportunities through the Alliance DTA3 PhD Fellowship Programme.   The Open University (OU) is a partner on the successful bid for the ‘Extended University Alliance Doctoral Training Alliances (DTA) in Energy, Applied

Design dreams of digital worlds – but is digitech sympathetic?

The architectural collective Assemble– winners of the Turner Prize – continue to explore the designed and manufactured world in the second part of BBC Radio 4’s series, The Sympathy of Things inspired by John Ruskin’s views on

Taste some Raspberry Pi? Yes please!

Raspberry Pis are a key smart technology at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT) and are central to the design of our future smart cities. At the Open University, there is interest

Design dreams of the material world – but is it sympathetic?

Have a listen to BBC Radio 4’s two-part series, The Sympathy of Things in which the architectural collective  ‘Assemble’ – winners of the Turner Prize – explore the designed and manufactured world, arguing that just

Smart & Green Building Expo Milton Keynes 2018

Where else to host the inaugural Smart and Green Building Expo than Milton Keynes, one of the UK’s smart cities? Milton Keynes is famous for its many smart city initiatives, such as MK:Smart, which developed innovative

PhD Fellowship Opportunities at the Energy DTA

Energy research opportunities at The Open University (OU) through the DTA3 COFUND Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD Fellowship Programme.   The OU is a partner on the successful bid for the ‘Extended University Alliance Doctoral Training Alliances

Learning about design and technology

Learning about design and technology:  It is not true – there is such a thing as a free course! Design and technology are increasingly ubiquitous concepts.  This is reflected in several recently launched free OpenLearn

Greeting Card Design for Mother’s Day

Throughout history and across cultures we have venerated and celebrated motherhood. Particularly the mother’s role in bringing forth and nurturing new life. The first greeting cards were designed by the ancient Chinese and early