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What makes a design “Smart”?

Enjoying a bright sunny day, a light breeze and a cosy fire in winter are three of the most delightful pleasures one gets to experience. Surprisingly, I hardly remember the last time I got

Ethics before Creativity

“Justice is the basis of urbanisation” is the letteral translation of one of the famous lines of “Al-Muqaddimah”; “Introduction”, the great book of Ibn Khaldun, the well-known ancient Arab philosopher, sociologist, and historian. However,

The Boring City 

Doctors have always told us to move more, go for a walk, and keep doing it as a daily habit. We, the city people try to manage to do this, but once we’ve decided

Some Research Conclusions… with Playmobil!

My research is investigating ways to reduce carbon emissions from heritage buildings while retaining their heritage values, I have mostly completed my data collection and am now in the process of analysing it all.

Homeworld ’81 revisited

The Homeworld ’81 BBC Future Home 2000  Last month I attended one of the online events celebrating the 40thanniversary of the Milton Keynes Homeworld ‘81 exhibition. Yes, I am old enough to have been

Co-designing inclusive design education

How can we shape an inclusive design education that is responsive to the diversity of students’ needs, interests and professional and personal context? This was a question we started exploring yesterday in an online

Claiming our turf. Making spaces safe through inclusive urban design.

Over recent weeks the media has been full of women sharing their stories about their experience of sexual harassment, and the statistics are shocking. It’s shocking too, that women, myself included, are not surprised

Bringing smart cities back to people

Co-authors: Prof. Matthew Cook, Dr. Emma Dewberry. In the era of speed, big data, and technology, one cannot help but notice how the focus on the growth of the city and becoming ‘smart’ has

Ensuring effective user input in design

Stephen Potter and Lisa Bowers Here are a couple of perspectives on how we can engender effective user input in design – one being the experience of doing this as part of three major

Meaningful participation through digital engagement

When COVID19 forced us to retreat into our social bubbles and our homes, the government needed to make plans so that people could still participate in planning matters that concerned them. Therefore, they issued