Design and anticipation

Anticipation is the ability to act in response to, or in preparation of, a potential future reality. This is a key ability for people and social groups that are involved in design tasks (see Zamenopoulos and Alexiou, 2007; Zamenopoulos, 2012).

There is a very interesting conference on Anticipation coming up next week from the 8th to 10th of November in London ( The conference is an international and radically interdisciplinary forum for exploring how ideas of the future informs action in the present. Design will be a big part of it and we will be there!


Zamenopoulos, T. and Alexiou, K. (2007) ‘Toward an anticipatory view of design’,

Design Studies, 28(4): 411-436

Zamenopoulos, T. (2012) ‘A complexity theory of design Intentionality’, AIEDAM, 26(1):


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