Design @Open YouTube channel

We have curated a collection of videos authored by OU Design staff and students on our newly opened YouTube channel.

The collection introduces research projects, qualification engagement events and seminars. We seek to grow the collection, and each month we will introduce a Design academic in a video interview.

In October, I interviewed Prof Claudia Eckert. I’ve known Claudia for many years, and every time I talk to her, I learn something new. Claudia’s work is dedicated to ‘untangling’ and understanding of complex systems. I’ve been fascinated by her passion for both textiles and engineering design research. Drawing parallels between these seemingly distant domains of design produced the most interesting insights in her work, the origins of which will be uncovered in the video, so make sure you watch until the end.

Claudia has also been invited to give a TEDx Talk, which you can find on our channel. Enjoy!







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