Open Inquiry

Supporting the Extended Project Qualification
We found that Heads of Sixth Form were looking for additional support for Key Stage 5 pupils undertaking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Filming the EPQ videos at Lord Grey School.

Filming the EPQ videos at Lord Grey School.

We addressed these complementary needs by working together to provide supplementary support for the EPQ to more than 480 Key Stage 5 students from 12 schools in Milton Keynes.

We worked closely with a number of teachers, notably Joe Kendall (Oakgrove School), Penny Green (Lord Grey School) and Damien Sharp (St. Paul’s Catholic School), whilst supporting hundreds of students as they explore the research cycle, developing, investigating and reporting the findings from their studies. Some of the resources we used are listed below.

We also made two videos about the EPQ involving students and teachers from Denbigh, Lord Grey and Oakgrove Schools, respectively.