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Method 4: Situated knowledge

This group is interested in knowledge and practice as a situated phenomenon. The object of our study is situations that include multiple problematiques, with security being one amongst others. More

Studying the Agency of Being Governed

Methodology Workshop - Call for papers at  the School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University

19-20 May 2010

Studies of governmentality during the last decades have productively explored and analysed how rationalities, techniques and technologies of government are applied and used in order to make societies and its citizens governable (see for example Dean 1999, Rose 1996, Burchell 1996, Hindess 1996). Focusing on neoliberal governmentality, research has shown how technologies of performance (such as targeting, benchmarking, mid-term budget frameworks and refined methods of monitoring and evaluation) work together with technologies of agency (such as participatory and emancipatory methods) to shape conduct and subject as well as their interests and agency.