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In the summer of 2008, a stone circle appeared on South Beach in Aberystwyth overnight. Over the few days it was there, people added to the circle, created smaller circles alongside it and a pathway leading up to it. They washed the stones, photographed it, meditated on it and lit candles. Perhaps surprisingly the only thing they didn’t do was destroy it! For those few days, before it was washed away in a high tide, it seemed to provide a 'spiritual' space which spoke to everyone in some way.

 ‘Although the presence or absence of the sacred is not always visible to the naked eye, there are often features of the social world at work that introduce a spiritual dimension in unexpected places’

(Williams (2010) Space for God. In Sociology of Religion 71(3). 260)

I am interested in exploring what ‘spirituality’ means in modern society, and how and why people use spirituality in their everyday lives. I am not talking here of ‘religion’ as an organised, institutional way of understanding our place in the greater scheme of things, but as the idiosyncratic and unique ways that individuals seek meaning in their lives in a modern, complex and materialistic world.

This blog is part of that exploration. I welcome your thoughts, comments, reflections and suggestions.

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