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Organising information through colours: design tips

By Dr. Gil Dekel How can colours support you in organising and designing information in your print or online projects?  Here is a summary of the chapter ‘Colour’ from Tufte’s book ‘Envisioning Information’[1], with

The changing agenda of design challenges

Last week saw the first ever entry of an OU student to the Royal Society of Arts Student Design Awards. This prestigious competition has been run by the RSA since 1924, originally created to

Haptic ‘ The State of the Art’

Authorship – Alastair Barrow and Imogen Clare of Generic Robotics This blog was kindly sent from Dr Alistair Burrow and his project assistant Imogen Clare. These two colleagues work a researchers within a start up business

Haptics in education

Haptics in Education  Digital Touch at a distance. The field of design is a difficult discipline to facilitate at a distance due to the practical nature of what is known as “studio” or “in

The actual and the future: on co-evolution

We love to ponder about the nature of designing, design behaviours, processes and practices. What is it we do and how do we do it? Eventually, we want to improve how designing is taught