>Spiritual spaces?


One of my research participants had an interesting experience recently. Upon trying to get his Tarot workshop advertised he was excluded from a particular publication on the grounds that it did not cover anything to do with ‘spirituality’.

Upon a quick flick through said publication he came across an advertisement for a ‘church walk’. He was informed by the editors that churches had not been seen as ‘spiritual’ and had therefore been included. Fairly ironic given the fact that they remain one of the most widespread physical expressions of spirituality in the British landscape.

My participant felt discriminated against.

I am sure many church goers would also be horrified to know their sacred spaces had been deemed non-spiritual.

What does consititute a spiritual space and can we distinguish between mainstream and minority spiritual interests in today’s society?

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  1. The Magician says:

    >Spiritual spaces are where ever you want them surely? A secluded clesring in a forest, a stone circle, a quiet corner in a busy office.

    Spiritual spaces are, by definition, are area which the individual makes ar deems spiritual in one way or another. We do not NEED people to tell us where our spiritual spaces are, though churches, mosques etc are recognised as being such by the fact that people gather in numbers there to pray or worship in some way.

    A witches sacred space is a personal area where he or she works their spells. This may be in a home, garden, mountain top, wherever. It don't matter none!

    I use a tarot cloth as my sacred space for when ever I am doing readings. The area covered varies on the size I open the cloth to, but it is my own personal working space which I protect and use to focus my mind and thoughts when doing a reading.

  2. Sara says:

    >Wise words, Magician. Thank you.

    And what are your thoughts on my other question – in an age when we are meant to allow 'equal opportunities' for all, is it acceptable to discriminate against minority spiritualities?

  3. The Magician says:

    >It is, in my opinion, never right to discriminate against anyone regardless of their beliefs.

    Discrimination comes from fear or misunderstanding – I have found that many people misunderstand tarot to such an extent that they see it as an evil art practiced by witches at midnight and by the light of a full moon (and even then only after sacrificing the odd virgin and a lamb lol)

    Education, or at least a willingness to try and understand is the way forward. Don't most if not all religions preach understanding? Hmmm… time to revisit the respective 'good books' for some people me thinks!

  4. CLF says:

    >For me a spiritual space is where I can be quiet enough to feel spirit. This can be in my church, with friends, or in my garden.

    I once read the results of a survey that asked people why they gardened. A majority said that they spent time in the garden because it was there that they felt closest to God.

    I have two plaques in my garden that remind me to slow down and pay attention. One says "Be Here Now" and the other says "Don't Piss Off The Fairies"

  5. Sara says:

    >Thanks for your post, CLF. I think you have hit the nail on the head, and I love your second plaque – I fancy one of those myself!

    Please do visit the other postings and leave comments – I'm still collecting people's ideas and thoughts 🙂

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