>Spiritual encounters

>Have you met an angel? Do you talk to ‘guides’? Have you encountered a spirit?

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  1. Helena C says:

    >Hi :). I think I meet angels everyday – kind hearted people (including friends) who make me feel glad to be alive! As for spiritual angels, I tend not to distinguish between them and guides, who I do talk to often…usually in my head, sometimes in times of stress but mostly in the quiet moments. I have seen spirits/ghosts several times in my life, and each event has left a marked impression on me. I find I’m less likely to see (or hear) them if my life is busy – for me, it takes a relatively uncluttered mind to notice them…. Take care, Helena

  2. Juliette Llewellyn says:


    Yes, i agree with Helena. I believe many people are ‘Earth Angels’ and we come across them at many points in our lives. Sometimes people’s actions are also often guided by angels through their intuition for the good of the whole.

    I had one experience through meditation of experiencing the presence of what i feel was an angel. I felt a taller than average luminous presence behind me, a golden calm colour. It poured a golden, honey like liquid down my spine which became significantly stronger after that. I am recoveing from fibromyalgia and the muscles either side of my spine were very weak and painful until this happened.

    It was totally unexpected and has only happened this once. I feel i could get completely better if i had a few more of these happening!

    Take care, Juliette

  3. Sara says:

    >Hi Juliette and welcome to ESp. What a wonderful experience, thanks for sharing it. Do you have any sense of why it happened at that particular time?


  4. Juliette Llewellyn says:

    >Hi Sara, nice to meet you & thx for the welcome. No not really. It was a very intense day in that my sister had just flew over unexpectedly from Australia for a day & i had also been looking for housing. But as to why it happened then i am unsure. It was in a meditation class and we were doing the usual meditaion and this just started happening. Everyone else was carrying on as usual and i almost heard nothing of the meditation itself! It would be wonderful if i could access it again!

    Good luck with this blog. It looks a very interesting idea!

  5. sally_flower says:

    >Hi Sara
    To walk through beautiful countryside with my spirit guides holding my hands fills me with contentment. To hear the chatter of flowers, feel the power of the trees, catch a glimpse of something small and bright darting through the undergrowth on the edge of my vision reminds me that there is a lot more to this world than just what my 5 senses tell me. It makes me curious to know more. 🙂

  6. Sara says:

    >Me too Sally – hence this blog! 🙂 What ‘chatter’ do you hear from the flowers?

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for your first posting – I look forward to many more!

  7. sally_flower says:

    >Thank you for the welcome Sara.

    All flowers have different voices and I can only hear them if I tune into them. I do this when making flower essences. For instance Cow Parsley is like a school playground noise (without the shrieks!) you can’t hear the words just the hubbub. Indian Balsam has a lot of laughter as do Daffodils.
    If a flower wishes to be made into an essence it will call to me sending pictures of itself. It also sends a feeling of agitation which becomes more and more persistent until the essence is made.

    With trees however there is a definite dimensional shift if I hold my hand on the trunk and tune in. I can see the same view and landscape but it is slightly moved to the left or right. Colours look brighter but also sometimes different. Some leaves are no longer green but blue, yellow or even red. The best way I can describe it is the difference between looking at water on a sunny day first with your eyes then through a polarising lens.
    This experience has only happened with Oak trees which I seem to have an affinity to. Must try some of the others 🙂

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