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Self-assessment. Discuss!

Whether or not you’re coming to our seminar ‘Self-assessment: stratgies and software to stimuate learning’ on 11th June, there are lots of things worthy of discussion. Many of the speakers have provided links that you might like to look at: … Continue reading

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Exam marking errors

I’m pleased to hear that OCR have apologised for errors in adding up marks for GCSE and A-level papers last year. It doesn’t seem right that the whistleblower remains suspended, but I don’t know the details so perhaps I shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Is education lighting a fire or filling a bucket?

I have a huge amount of work to do, yet this afternoon I have found myself enthralled in a number of coincidental conversations about the┬árole of ‘incentives’ in getting students to engage with assessment, or dare I say, with learning. … Continue reading

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Formative thresholded assessment

Building on work that others have done, in particular my colleagues Joy Manners and John Bolton in the OU Department of Physical Sciences, we are encouraging a move across the Science Faculty to what we are calling ‘formative thresholded assessment’.

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