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Learn before testing or test before learning?

I’m just catching up on my reading of New Scientist and in last week’s (13th July) issue I have found this from a ‘one minute’ interview with Anant Agarwal, president of the edX MOOC provider. Question: What was the first … Continue reading

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E-assessment: past, present and future

I have recently submitted a review with the title ‘E-assessment: past, present and future’. I think it is quite good, but I don’t yet know whether others agree with me!  Imagine what I felt when I realised that Thomas Hench … Continue reading

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Staff engagement with e-assessment

More reflections from CAA2013 (held in Southampton, just down the road from the Isle of Wight ferry terminal – shown)… In the opening keynote, Don Mackenzie talked about the ‘rise and rise of multiple-choice questions’. This was interesting, because he was … Continue reading

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The Cargo Cult

I suspect that this reflection from the 14th International Computer Aided Conference (CAA2013) may not go down well with all of my readers. I refer to the mention in several papers of the use of technology in teaching and learning … Continue reading

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Emotional reactions to feedback

This will probably be my final post relating to the Assessment in Higher Education Conference and it relates to an excellent presentation I went to entitled ‘Feedback without Tears: students’ emotional responses’. The presentation was given by Mike McCormack from … Continue reading

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Assessment literacy

I said I’d post on two topics from the Assessment in Higher Education Conference. This is actually another one (my ‘second’ topic will follow), but noticing (a) Tim Hunt’s excellent summary of some of the things I wanted to say … Continue reading

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When the numbers don’t add up

I am in a (very brief) lull between the Assessment in Higher Education Conference, CAA 2013, masses of work in my ‘day job’ and a determination to both carry on writing papers and to get some time off for walking … Continue reading

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