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Top tips

I’ve recently been asked for my ‘top tips’ for writing interactive computer-marking assignment (iCMA) questions. I thought I might as well nail my colours to the mast and post them here too: •  Before you start writing iCMA questions, think … Continue reading

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to two significant figures

I know I keep banging on about the importance of monitoring your questions when they are ‘out there’, being used by students. If what follows appears to be a bit of a trick (and in a sense it is), it’s a trick with … Continue reading

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iCMA statistics

This work was originally reported on the website of  COLMSCT (the Centre for the Open Learning of Mathematics, Science, Computing and Mathematics) – and other work was reported on the piCETL (the Physics Innovations Centre for Excellence in Teaching and … Continue reading

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Feedback after a correct answer

OpenMark is set up to give students increasing feedback after each incorrect attempt at a question. After they have had [usually] three attempts they are given a ‘full answer’. The system is set up so that a student who gets … Continue reading

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