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Quote of the day

‘Assessment is not working, or at least it is not working as it should. In our attempt to generate forms of assessment capable of addressing all the purposes for whish we use assessment, we have produced a Frankenstein that preys … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Reading through my notes on some of the many assessment papers I have read, I’m finding a few of those ‘sit up and take note’ quotes; things (sometimes very obvious) that other people somehow manage to say so much better … Continue reading

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Selected response or constructed response?

I have had an interesting debate with colleagues about whether questions in which you have to drag one or more markers to appropriate places on an image (see example below) are selected response or constructed response questions. I am of … Continue reading

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The hidden curriculum

This morning I’ve been reading an oldish paper (Sambell & McDowell, 1998) about work on the ‘hidden curriculum’, an even older phenomenon (Snyder, 1971).  The hidden curriculum can be thought of in terms of the distinction between ‘what is meant to happen’ … Continue reading

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I’ve been on the road even more than usual recently, dealing with a domestic crisis of a rather unusual nature (a tree through the roof of my elderly in-laws’ house down in Sussex). They’re OK, but assessment work is low priority … Continue reading

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Automatic generation of assessment items

Last week I participated in a fascinating Transforming Assessment webinar on ‘The semi-automatic generation of assessment items: objectives, challenges, and perspectives’ . The presenter was Muriel Foulonneau from the Henri Tudor Research Centre, Luxembourg, and I was left feeling very much an … Continue reading

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