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Tails wagging dogs

Earlier in the week I gave a workshop at another University. I’m not going to say where I was, because it might sound as if I’m cricitising their practice. Actually I’m not crititising them particularly, and indeed the honest, reflective … Continue reading

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What do I really think about learning analytics?

There have been two very good webinars on learning analytics recently in the Transforming Assessment series. On 9th Sept 2015, Cath Ellis from the University of New South Wales and Rachel Forsyth from Manchester Metropolitan University spoke on “What can … Continue reading

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Can multiple-choice questions be used to give useful feedback?

I was asked the answer to this question recently, and I thought it was worth a blog post. My simple answer to the question in the title, I’m afraid to say, is “no”. Perhaps that’s a bit unfair, but I … Continue reading

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