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Why assessment isn’t really like central heating

Back in the early days of this blog, I muttered about our misunderstanding of the word ‘feedback’ in the context of assessment and gave examples of positive and negative feedback from everday life. I talked about the thermostat on a central heating system as an … Continue reading

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Not all feedback interactions are helpful

I’ve just finished reading Kluger & DeNisi’s meta-analysis of the impact of feedback interventions on performance. (Kluger, A.N. & DeNisi, A. (1996) The effects of feedback interventions on performance : a historical review, a meta-analysis, and preliminary feedback intervention theory, … Continue reading

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Trying our questions

With apologies, I thought I had put links on this blog to some Open University eAssessment questions, but this was not the case. I’ll add these links to the ‘E-assessment at the Open University’ link (right-hand side of blog) in … Continue reading

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Summative assessment is not the same as giving marks

The title of this post may sound contradictory. If we give students marks, the assessment is summative. Right? Not necessarily. It is perfectly possible to tell students their ‘mark’ for an assignment but for that mark not to count towards … Continue reading

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