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More on the automatic marking of essays

Post now edited to include links… Oh how much I missed in my last post! Others, far better informed than me, have also reflected on the general principles of the use of the automated marking of essays. See, for example, … Continue reading

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Automatic marking of essays

I am grateful to Carol Bailey (see previous post) who, following a discussion over lunch, sent me a link to an extremely interesting paper: Vojak, C., Kline, S., Cope, B., McCarthey, S. and Kalantzis, M. (2011) New Spaces and Old … Continue reading

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Developing good academic practice

A couple of weeks ago we had an internal conference at the Open University on ‘Developing good academic practice’. Day 1 was intended for our tutors and their line-managers (staff tutors); Day 2 for module team members and those with the assessment overview in … Continue reading

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