Assessment & Feedback SIG – Presentations by Chris Nelson and Ian Blackham

29 people attended the Assessment and Feedback Special Interest Group on 3rd June 2020. Presentations were led by Chris Nelson and Ian Blackham, Senior Product Development Managers, which focused on new assessment tools on the VLE.


Open University staff will be able to view the recording by selecting “previous recordings” via the Adobe Connect link below:

14:00: Introduction from Simon Cross

14:10: Mini presentation from Chris Nelson

Title: Responding to Assessment Feedback During Lockdown: Some Recent System Features

Abstract: This is a very quick summary of some of the VLE changes we’ve made in response to conducting assessment during lockdown conditions.

14:20: Main Presentation from Chris Nelson and Ian Blackham

Title: Going with The Flow:  Reducing Friction in Consolidation and Revision Activities

Abstract: From flipping between end-of-chapter consolidation questions and ‘the answers at the back of the book’, to moving between browser tabs, Chris and Ian from LXT will talk about their recent work in embedding Moodle VLE activities into the Structured Content-based learning materials to improve the student experience by supporting in-context engagement.

The drive with these relatively recent developments (currently forums, quiz questions, and questionnaires) is to ease the production of engaging materials that minimise disincentives to student interaction with the content; we wish to reduce unnecessary ‘friction’ in study, thus encouraging students to concentrate on the material rather than being distracted through web navigation.

14:50 – 15:00: Q&A, and close from Simon Cross


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