Learning Design and Learning Analytics SIG

Key People:

Professor Bart Rienties, Professor in Learning Analytics 

Gerald Evans (LDS)

Mark Williams (LDS)

Natasha Huckle (LDS)

This Special Interest Group brings together researchers, accessibility coordinators and practitioners across the Open University interested in online accessibility and inclusiveness. The OU mission of being “open to people, places, methods and ideas” reflects our commitment to supporting all of our students to achieve success in Higher Education, regardless of background, circumstances or disabilities. The SIG shares and discusses research, practices and technologies that can support all students to achieve their study aims regardless of disabilities or other barriers.

Our interests are:

  • Accessibility and usability in distance and online education
  • Widening participation
  • Design in online learning: universal, inclusive and user-centred approaches

Our activities include organising seminars discussing practices and research outside and inside the OU. For that purpose we invite international and in house speakers and organise participatory workshops in a particular topic.