Learning at Scale Special Interest Group

L@S is a special interest group supported by openTEL.

It is aimed at bringing together researchers across the Open University who are interested in research and application of learning at scale (L@S). Learning at scale can be found in both formal and informal learning communities, for example OU distance learning courses, citizen sciences, MOOCs, Reddit and social media groups etc.

Our interests are:

  • Pedagogy of scale
  • Impact of scale
  • Research methodology and data associated with L@S communities
  • Learners’ characteristics, including their self-regulated learning skills and cultural backgrounds
  • Role of educators
  • L@S in developing countries
  • The possibilities of L@S for face-to-face settings and community centres
  • Assessment and feedback at scale
  • Distinction between delivery and learning at scale (large courses, small tutor groups)

Key people:

  • Prof Rebecca Ferguson
  • Prof Eileen Scanlon