openAIED SIG Seminar: How to prepare university assessment for a world with AI?10am-11am, 29th February 2024

openAIED Special Interest Group Seminars

Thursday 29th February | 10:00-11:00 AM

How to prepare university assessment for a world with AI?


“This presentation will explore the impact Generative AI is having on assessment practices in HE and ways that The OU can respond. We will share strategies we are taking in Learning Design to support Module Teams to: a) adapt approaches to assessment in the face of AI; and b) consider the opportunities and challenges of incorporating AI in module materials. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss this important area.” 


“Mary Simper and Eleanor Moore are Learning Designers in LDS and are part of a group of five LDs who are considering all aspects of Generative AI and the impact on module teams and students. Mary has a particular focus on Authentic Assessment and Eleanor is exploring ways to both adapt and incorporate AI into assessment practices.”


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