openAIED Interest Group, 2nd July

openTEL Show & TEL presents: openAIED Interest Group Event  2nd July 2018, 2pm – 3pm,  KMi Podium, Berrill Building, Level 4, Side Entrance

OpenTEL Show & TEL is pleased to announce that Diego Dermeval Medeiros de Cunha Matos from Universidade Federal de Alagoas will be presenting a keynote at the next openAIED interest Group.

Presentation Title: Co-designing Adaptive and Gamified Educational Systems with Teachers

Abstract: Researchers are increasingly interested in Gamified Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) to provide adaptive instruction and to enhance engagement of students. However, teachers have been not considered as first-class citizens in the design of these systems. Several technical research problems arise when trying to empower teachers in designing gamified ITS, for instance, high complexity and variability to manage, need to consider theories and design practices, and need to provide simple and usable solutions. In this talk, I present a promising way to explore the use of authoring tools, ontologies, and software engineering to take advantage of both artificial intelligence techniques (mainly for aiding adaptation for students) as well as on the human intelligence of teachers to co-design gamified intelligent tutoring systems. I also present promising research opportunities that are quite important and interesting but underexplored in current research and practice in the area.

Dr Wayne Holmes will be reporting back on the openAIED-led workshop, ETHICS in AIED: Who Cares?, taking place at the AIED conference being held in London on June 30. The ETHICS in AIED: Who Cares? conference workshop is designed to be an opportunity for researchers who are exploring ethical issues critical for AIED to share their research and to identify the key ethical issues, towards establishing a basis for meaningful ethical reflection necessary for innovation in the field of AIED. Wayne will also report back on the workshop’s keynote by Professor Beverly Park Woolf, University of Massachusetts Amherst, one of the world’s leading AIED researchers. Click here for the workshop’s website.

We look forward to seeing you there.  This event will be live streamed, see link.

Launch of new nQuire platform

On Behalf of Christothea Herodotou:

We are really excited to announce the launch of the new nQuire platform in collaboration with BBC and the Tomorrow’s World campaign

The platform features a mission about “My Life, My Data, #MyTomorrow: How do you feel about the ways companies use your personal data?” designed by OU academics and the BBC in recognition of the new GDRP policy coming into effect this week (25th May).

It would be great if you could have a go and share your opinions about the new GDPR policy. The mission can be found here:

If you have any questions/comments about the platform, do get in touch with me.

Best wishes, Thea