LTI series – Learning Analytics with Bart Rienties

Join Bart Rienties, Professor of Learning Analytics at the second LTI Series event

Most institutions, including the OU, are exploring how data can better inform teaching and learning. What can we learn from data, and learning analytics in particular? Should we be afraid about being monitored? Or should we embrace this?

Bart’s research focuses on how the OU can use the power of learning analytics to enhance teaching and learning, and what the potential limitations are for social interaction, cultural discourse, and practice.

This seminar will look at the different models being adopted globally, and use a framework to consider what might be the best approach for the OU.

DATE AND TIME: Thu 25 October 2018, 14:00 – 15:00

LOCATION: The Hub Theatre, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes

You can register here.

openAIED Interest Group – Dr Marily Nika-Yocke & Alec Boere

openTEL Show & TEL presents:

openAIED Interest Group Event

16th October 2018, 3pm -4.30pm,

Ambient Lab, Ground Floor, Jennie Lee Building

OpenTEL is pleased to announce that Dr Marily Nika-Yocke, from Google and Alec Boere, from the Open University’s Information Technology will be presenting at the next openAIED interest Group.

Dr Marily Nika-Yocke : Presentation Title: “Beyond Sci-Fi”

Dr Marily Nika-Yocke, is working with Data for Google’s AI (Speech) team while also being an entrepreneur, developing her own an EdTech app. In the past, she’s worked at Facebook, London as a Vertical Insights Analyst PhD intern. Marily completed a PhD in 2 years, in Predictive Analytics (video virality) from the Department of Computing Science at Imperial College London. She was the first Greek woman to receive Google’s Anita Borg Scholarship. Marily has given 3 TEDx talks up to date, she has written various articles (some of which for the Telegraph, Tech City News and TechCrunch). Marily received the WISE Influence Award 2015 and a medal from Imperial College London for her work as a women in tech global ambassador. She created the London Geekettes Chapter and is actively involved in advocating women in tech. She has mentored up to 300 women up to date and she organized the UK’s first female-only hackathon at Facebook London in 2013.

Alec Boere: Presentation Title: Test & Learn at the OU

Alec Boere, is a design lead within the Digital Technologies team at The OU.

Having spent over 15 years in the digital space and his successes including the launch of the UK’s first mobile banking app at scale to the delivery of connected car propositions. More recently his focus has been on narrow AI solutions for big and small organisations.

Alec’s team have been experimenting at the OU with a number of AI POC’s. From to Chat bot’s, Prediction models through to RPA. I will share the challenges and also our learnings thus far on our AI journey with various aspects of professional services at The OU.

You will be able to watch the live stream for this event here!