openAIED SIG October

openTEL is pleased to announce that October’s openAIED Special Interest Group will be a presentation by Sevinç Tunali Ph.D., Director of Education, Industry and Technology Institute (ESTEN), Turkey.

Fundamental Concepts and Educational Implications of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Sevinç Tunali


The primary purpose of this session is to provide an introduction to the important concepts in artificial intelligence and its implications on education. This session contains a brief technical introduction to fundamental concepts and techniques in artificial intelligence such as; data mining, computer vision (image recognition), natural language processing, voice recognition. No previous data science or artificial intelligence knowledge is assumed of the student. The emphasis will be on concepts and applications in education rather than on computations.


Dr. Sevinç Tunalı completed her undergraduate degrees in Counseling Psychology Program and Teacher Training Program in Gifted Education (Double Major) at Istanbul University, Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education.

She completed her Master’s degree in Teacher Training Program in Gifted Education at Istanbul University in 2007. For the aim of a Pre-Doctoral study, she attained M.A courses in Faculty of Education – Curriculum, Teaching & Learning at California State- Sonoma State University. She graduated from Ph.D. program in Curriculum and Instruction at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2014.

She continued her academic career as Assistant Professor in different universities in Istanbul. She has many articles and proposals in the field of “Futures of Education” and her “Futures of Education” Project awarded by CGS- FES Fellowship on the Futures of Education-2018 by University of Dhaka and Frederich-Erbert Shiftung. In February 2019 Assalam Community Foundation invited her to be a mentor for the ‘New Technology, Ney Education and New Africa’ project at Zanzibar.

Her book ‘Discovering Schools of the Future: Scenarios’ was published in 2019. She has organized many workshops on ‘Education and Artificial Intelligence’ since 2018 ( Dr. Sevinç Tunalı is currently working as, Co-Founder and Product Manager of PEDUDI Inc. and Director of Education Industry (Turkish Asian Strategic Studies Center/ESTEN) and Technology Institute.

We look forward to seeing you at 14:00 on Tuesday 8th October in Meeting Room 1, Jennie Lee Building.