November 2020

Show & TEL November 2020

Monday 2nd November: Ethics Seminar
Presentation 1: Ethics in Educational Technologies: An OpenTEL Initiative
Shailey Minocha & Victoria Murphy
Presentation 2: Artificial Intelligence in Education: Ethical Futures
Rob Farrow
Presentation 3: Ethical Design Approaches for Collecting Data
Chris Edwards

Tuesday 10th November: TEL Presentations
A full day of TEL presentations from Tony Hirst, Elizabeth FitzGerald and Hugh McFaul, Nashwa Ismail and Maria Aristeidou, David Conway, Janet Hughes and Christine Gardner in the morning and Tony Hirst, Lesley Boyd, Maria Aristeidou and Simon Cross, and Andrew Law in the afternoon.
Link to Presentation Slides

17th November 2020: Keynote speaker: Jack Mostow
RoboTutor: Toward Learning at Scale in Developing Countries
Musings from a $1M Finalist in the Global Learning XPRIZE
Jack Mostow, Carnegie Mellon University
Link to Recording
Link to Abstract and Bio