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Learning-oriented and technology-enhanced assessment

My post on ‘Adjectives of assessment’ omitted ‘learning-oriented’, and to be honest it wasn’t until reading this afternoon that I realised what a  powerful concept learning-oriented assessment might be.  I was reading Keppell, M. and Carless, D. (2006) Learning-oriented assessment: a technology-based case study, … Continue reading

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Adjectives of assessment

Writing about the various terms used to describe e-assessment made me realise just how littered with adjectives the whole area of assessment is. We have formative, summative, thresholded and diagnostic assessment. We have peer assessment and self assessment, and when you’re assessing … Continue reading

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We use ‘e-assessment’ to mean different things, but we also use a variety of terms to describe e-assessment! We have CAA (computer-aided assessment), or is it CAA (computer-assisted assessment); CMA (computer-marked assessment), or is it CMA (computer-mediated assessment). 

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