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If learning that lasts is active and independent, integrative and experiential, assessment must judge performance in contexts related to life roles.

If learning that lasts is self-aware, reflective, self assessed and self-regarding, assessment must include explicitness of expected outcomes, public criteria and student self assessment.

If learning that lasts is developmental and individual, assessment must include multiplicity and be cumulative and expansive.

If learning that lasts is interactive and collaborative, assessment must include feedback and external perspectives as well as performance.

If learning that lasts is situated and transferable, assessment must be multiple in its mode and context.

Mentkowski, M. (2006) Accessible and adaptable elements of Alverno student assessment-as-learning: strategies and challenges for peer review. In Innovative assessment in Higher Education ed. Bryan, C & Clegg, K.V., London U.K., Routledge, pp48-63.

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