Transforming Assessment webinar

I gave a webinar yesterday in the ‘Transforming Assessment’ series, on “Short-answer e-assessment questions: six years on”. The participants were lovely and I was especially pleased that there were lots of people I didn’t know. There is a recording at if you’ve interested.

The response yesterday was very encouraging, but I remain concerned that more people are not using question types like this. However I rest my case that you need to use real student responses in developing answer matching for questions of the type we have written. That’s fine for us at the OU, with large student numbers, but not necessarily for others.

Then, in the feedback from participants, someone suggested that they would value training in writing questions and developing answer matching. I would so much like to run training like this, but simply don’t have the time.

But, thanks to Tim Hunt, we have another suggestion. I have recently used the Moodle Pattern Match question type to write very much simpler questions, which require a tightly constrained single word answer – like the one shown below.

If you are interested in using Pattern Match, writing questions like this would give a simple way in – and you’d probably get away with developing the questions without the need for student responses beforehand (though I would still monitor the responses you do get).

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