A consistent approach to assessment design

Last week, I participated in a ‘Quality Enhancement Seminar’ on ‘Effective use of interactive computer-marked assessment’. A list of tips I gave included the following two points:

11. Embed iCMAs carefully within the module’s assessment strategy, considering carefully whether you want them to be formative-only, summative, thresholded etc.;

12. Work towards a consistent approach at the qualification, programme and Faculty level (at least).

Afterwards I was asked how the above two points can be reconciled. The questioner had a point. We want each module to have a carefully thought out assessment strategy, using e-assessment when but only when appropriate. But yet I have become more and more worried about the confusion we cause by having lots of different models for different modules. I’ve become convinced that we need to take a more joined up approach. Which is more important, having the detailed assessment strategy that is absolutely right for each module or having a consistent approach across a qualification? I’m not sure. It is at least good that so many people are giving careful consideration to these matters.

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