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Dr Brigitte Stenhouse

Profile summary

Research interests

I am a historian of mathematics who is curious about how mathematicians build communities and gatekeep knowledge. I am especially interested in ways that women have forged careers as mathematicians, focusing mainly on Mary Somerville (1780-1872). 

I am currently working on a project on collaborative couples in mathematics, looking at the mutual influence of mathematical careers and marriage (publications forthcoming). This project opens up the mathematical work that takes place in domestic spaces, and illuminates the many different forms of collaboration necessary to produce new knowledge.

My next project will investigate the circulation of mathematics within and between scientific households in 19th-century Britain. This book-length project will focus on how mathematics complemented studies of the physical sciences, and how mathematical ideas were creatively translated, adapted, or indeed removed depending on each individual’s mathematical aptitude.

Teaching interests

I am interested in supervising PhD projects on history of mathematics c.1700-1950. Feel free to reach out via email, and find out more about PhDs in the School of Mathematics & Statistics at this link

External collaborations

Committee Membership:

  • Meetings Co-ordinator for the British Society for the History of Mathematics


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Mathematical Men in Humble Life: Philomaths from north-west England as Editors of ‘Questions for Answer’ Journals (2024-01-05)
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In: Beeley, Philip and Hollings, Christopher eds. Beyond the Learned Academy: The Practice of Mathematics, 1600-1850 ((In press))
ISBN : 9780198863953 | Publisher : Oxford University Press | Published : Oxford

Mary Somerville: Being and Becoming a Mathematician (2021-09-10)
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PhD thesis The Open University

Marriages, Couples, and the Making of Mathematical Careers (2021-03)
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London Mathematical Society