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Dr Colette Christiansen

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am a Staff Tutor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics and I have been teaching statistics at the Open University since 2019.  I have a PhD in Epigenetics from King's College London. Prior to moving into academia I was a consulting actuary.

Research interests

My research interests are in applying mathematics and statistics to biology, particularly in the field of genetics and epigenetics.  I chair the Mathematical Biology research group and I am keen to promote interdisciplinary working.  I am currently a Deputy Lead for the Open Societal Challenges research programme.

Teaching interests

My teaching interests are in statistics.  I currently teach M249 "Practical Modern Statistics" and have previously taught M140 "Introduction to Statistics".  In addition I am Deputy Chair for M348 "Applied Statistical Modelling".


Enhanced resolution profiling in twins reveals differential methylation signatures of type 2 diabetes with links to its complications (2024-05)
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Human Molecular Genetics, 32, Article ddad093(16)

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A faecal metabolite signature of impaired fasting glucose: results from two independent population-based cohorts (2023)
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Adipose methylome integrative-omic analyses reveal genetic and dietary metabolic health drivers and insulin resistance classifiers (2022)
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Novel DNA methylation signatures of tobacco smoking with trans-ethnic effects (2021)
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Estrogen and COVID-19 symptoms: Associations in women from the COVID Symptom Study (2021)
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Twins and family epigenetic studies of Type 2 Diabetes (2021-08-27)
Christiansen, Colette; Potier, Louis and Bell, Jordana T
In: Li, Shuai and Hopper, John L eds. Twin and Family Studies of Epigenetics. Translational Epigenetics (pp. 105-118)
ISBN : 978-0-12-820951-6 | Publisher : Elsevier