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Dr Candice Lingam-Willgoss

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Professional biography

Candice is the  Associate Head of School - Curriculum (ECYS) at The Open University.   Candice joined the Sport and Fitness team in 2013 having worked as an Associate Lecturer for the Open University since 2010. Prior to working for the Open University she was based at Southampton University where she was the Assistant Programme Director for Sport. 

Candice's main areas of interest are within sport and exercise psychology and sociology of sport.

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Research interests

Candice's research interests lie within the areas of sport and exercise psychology and more recently career trajectories in various sports.  She is currently studying for her PhD which is a qualitative study looking at the transitional experiences of elite athletic mothers.


Teaching interests

Candice has been involved in the writing and development of all modules in the sport and fitness qualifications. She has been module chair on various modules including:

E314 - Exploring Contemporary Issues in Sport and Exercise

E233 - Sport and Exercise Psychology: A Case Study Approac

E235 - Sport and Exercise Psychology in Action


​Candice is also an Associate Lecturer on E117 and E235.

Impact and engagement


Candice disseminates her knowledge of sport and exercise science to engage diverse communities and foster knowledge exchange. Examples of media used to disseminate such knowledge include:


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Maintaining positive mental health throughout sporting transitions: A case study of elite sporting females (2018)
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Negotiating Identity: how elite athlete mothers navigate their journey through sport. (2023-08-07)
Lingam-Willgoss, Candice
PhD thesis The Open University