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Dr David Kaposi

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and an experienced psychodynamic therapist working in private practice. In line with this, my teaching and research activities take place at the intersection between social psychology and psychotherapy/counselling, with my interest lying in the broad issue of how human beings relate to each other. I am also a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Research Group as well as the Culture and Social Psychology Research Collaborative.


​PhD in Psychology (Loughborough University)

PGDip in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (WPF/Roehampton University)

MSc in Psychological Science (ELTE, Budapest)

BA in Literature and Linguistics (ELTE, Budapest)


Professional memberships

​British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC)

British Association for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BACP)

Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC)

Research interests

I am presently interested in the relationship between psychotherapy and the social sciences/psychology, looking into both the former's possible contribution to understanding psycho-social phenomena and the latter's elucidation of therapeutic outcome and process.

In addition, I am also looking at Stanley Milgram's (in)famous bedience experiments, with a particular focus on the much-neglected and highly ambiguous role the learner/victim played in the procedure. 


Recent publications

Kaposi, D. (2017). Psychoanalysis and the Social Sciences: Possible relations (2). Paper presented at the "Psychoanalysis in/and Social Science" workshop, 7 October, St John's College, University of Oxford.

Kaposi, D. (2016). Psychoanalysis and the Social Sciences: Possible relations (1) Paperpresented at the "Evidence and Psychoanalysis" panel at the Institute of Advanced Studies' "Evidence on tiral" conference. 16 July, University of Durham.
Kaposi, D. (2017, Early view). The disobedience experiments: Morality, authority and obedience in Stanley Milgram’s account. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour.
Kaposi, D. (2017). The Breakdown of discourse – Post-Holocaust Jewish identity and the Scholem-Arendt correspondence. European Journal of Jewish Studies, 11(1), 85-110.).


Teaching interests

- Psychoanalysis and social psychology (DD317)

- Research methods (DE300)

- Publics and representations (DD801)

- Psychotherapy and counselling (D241)



Saving a victim from himself: the rhetoric of the learner’s presence and absence in the Milgram experiments (2020-10-03)
Kaposi, David
British Journal of Social Psychology, 59(4) (pp. 900-921)

Brexit and emergent politics: in search of a social psychology (2019-01)
Andreouli, Eleni; Kaposi, David and Stenner, Paul
Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 29(1) (pp. 6-17)

Brexit and emergent politics: Introduction to the special issue (2019-01)
Andreouli, Eleni; Kaposi, David and Stenner, Paul
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 29(1) (pp. 3-5)

Hope and dread in representing Palestine-Israel: a case study of editorials in the British broadsheets (2019)
Kaposi, David
Critical Discourse Studies, 16(1) (pp. 40-55)

The resistance experiments: Morality, authority and obedience in Stanley Milgram's account (2017-12)
Kaposi, Dávid
Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 47(4) (pp. 382-401)

The Breakdown of Discourse: Post-Holocaust Jewish Identity and the Scholem-Arendt Exchange (2017-11)
Kaposi, David
European Journal of Jewish Studies ((Early access))

A proper study of the discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Methodological implications of a large-scale study of the first Gaza war (2017)
Kaposi, David
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 44(3) (pp. 391-407)

On the possibility of critiquing Israel: The Times’ engagement with Israel’s deployment of white phosphorous during the first Gaza war (2016)
Kaposi, Dávid
Media, War & Conflict, 9(3) (pp. 272-289)

Violence and Understanding in Gaza: The British Broadsheets' Coverage of the War (2014)
Kaposi, Dávid
ISBN : 978-1-137-43949-9 | Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan

Race, racism, discourse (2017-08-22)
Kaposi, Dávid and Richardson, John E.
In: Wodak, Ruth and Forchtner, Bernhard eds. The Routledge Handbook of Language and Politics. Routledge Handbooks (pp. 630-645)
ISBN : 9781138779167 | Publisher : Routledge