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Hugh McFaul

Profile summary

Professional biography

Hugh is Head of the OU Law School and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Prior to this he was a founding member and Co-Director of the Open Justice Centre.

Research interests

Hugh has research interests in higher education policy, integrity and ethics education and technology enhanced learning. He has published widely in international academic journals and guest edited a special edition of the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education in 2020 which explored the impact of Covid lockdowns on legal education. His latest book argues for a more theoretically engaged approach to legal education.  

Teaching interests

As Co-Director of the Open Justice Centre and module chair of W360: Justice in Action, he pioneered online approaches to clinical legal education and worked to develop a range of innovative community based experiential learning opportunities for OU students by developing partnerships with national and international third sector organisations. He has written OU teaching materials on professional ethics, jurisprudence, EU law, human rights and has authored materials for the UK Civil Service.

Hugh has won several awards for his teaching and was highly commended in the 2020 Times Higher Education Most Innovative Teacher Awards

Impact and engagement

Hugh has developed innovative partnerships with civil society organsiations including a project funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission with AdviceUK on discrimination and human rights law issues. His prison engagement work featured on BBC Radio 4's Law in Action and his partnership with Support Through Court was recognised as an excellent collaborative project by the UK Justice Secretary. 


External collaborations

He has worked extensively with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime to support their Education for Justice initiative, a project which was awarded UN Secretary General Innovation Award. He has advised on the development of GRACE; the UNODC's Global Resources for Anti-corruption Education portal, which aims to develop a global community of practice of anti-corruption educators. 

Hugh was the academic advisor for the critically acclaimed BBC2 / OU television documentary series The Detectives  screened in September 2017 and 2021 and is working on a forthcoming series to be broadcast in 2023. 



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