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Mitigating Cutting-Induced Plasticity Errors in the Determination of Residual Stress at Cold Expanded Holes Using the Contour Method (2022)
Kim, H.K.; Carlson, S. S.; Stanfield, M. L.; Paddea, Sanjooram; Hosseinzadeh, F. and Bouchard, P. J.
Experimental Mechanics, 62 (pp. 3-18)

Correlative Optical and X‐Ray Imaging of Strain Evolution During Double-Torsion Fracture Toughness Measurements in Shale (2018-12-12)
Chandler, Michael R.; Fauchille, Anne‐Laure; Kim, Ho Kyeom; Ma, Lin; Mecklenburgh, Julian; Rizzo, Roberto; Mostafavi, Mahmoud; Marussi, Sebastian; Atwood, Robert; May, Steven; Azeem, Mohammed; Rutter, Ernie; Taylor, Kevin and Lee, Peter
JGR Solid Earth, 123(12) (pp. 10,517-10,533)