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Dr Judith Taylor

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am a research scientist with more than twenty years of academic and industrial research experience and an enthusiasm and drive for both research and teaching. I have strong communication, practical problem solving, scientific, teaching and quality management skills. I have mentored and supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students and have initiated, developed and maintained links with industry that have yielded employment opportunities for students and contract research opportunities for academia. My current role in the Graduate School as STEM training lead enables me to empower the researchers of the future gain the skills and experiences that they need to guide and steer their careers forward .I am enthusiastic about creating industry-based learning opportunities for postgraduate researchers.

I attained by BSc (Hons) Microbiology from the University of Aberdeen and my PhD "Immunodetection of freshwater unicellular cyanobacterial picoplankters" as a CASE student at the University of Dundee and Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Windermere. I worked at Cranfield University for 16 years on Industrial contract research and the development and teaching of MSc courses (Foodchain Systems, Medical Diagnostics, Environmental Diagnostics, Health & Environment, Laboratory Quality Assurance). I worked in industry for "Mologic Ltd" undertaking a range of diagnostic development projects. My research interests are in novel antimicrobial agents from Lichens and  Rapid, Point of care Diagnostic development.



Research interests

I have had a varied research career to date which has covered diagnostic development projects in environmental, medical and industrial contexts. My most recent research concerns novel Antimicrobials from Common churchyard lichens, the detection of aerosols  associated with Rainwater Harvester Systems and the development of rapid Point of care diagnostics for Covid-19.

Teaching interests

I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work with The Open University at improving access to education for a wider range of research talent.


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Antimicrobial properties from lichens: An evaluation of the antimicrobial properties of English churchyard lichens (2019-12-01)
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