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Jessica Hogan

Jessie Hogan

Profile summary

Professional biography

2023 - present | The Open University | PhD - Astrobiology: "Signatures of Organic-Salt-Ice Interactions in the Plumes of Enceladus and Other Icy Moons"

2022 | European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC),  European Space Agency (ESA) | Trainee in the Operations Development Division

2018 - 2021 | Birkbeck College, University of London | BSc - Planetary Science with Astronomy


Research interests

Main interests:

  • Habitability of Icy Moons 
  • Cryovolcanism 
  • Biosignature detection
  • Mission data analysis 

Impact and engagement

Current co-chair of the Europlanet Early Career Network (EPEC) (2023 - present) - a volunteer-led organisation to support early-career researches within the European planetary community, through conference events, online resource provision, and forming connections with other researchers in the field.


Salt-Ice Grain Formation in the Enceladus Plume: A Combined Experimental and Remote Sensing Approach (2024-01)
Hogan, J; Fox-Powell, M; Hamp, R; Patel, M. R; Pearson, V and Cornet, T
In : 17th UKPF Early Career Researcher Meeting (15 Jan 2024, Imperial College, London)