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Dr Julia Semprich

Profile summary

Professional biography

I have joined AstrobiologyOU as a Research Fellow in 2020. 

Prior to that I was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, USA modelling fluid-rock interactions on Mars and Venus and at the University of Campinas, Brazil, studying melting processes and granitoid formation in the Archean crust. I completed my PhD in Geosciences at th University of Oslo, Norway, modelling density variations in the lower crust and assessing their implications for geodynamic processes.


Research interests

My research covers a range of crustal processes on Earth and other planetary bodies in our Solar system from surface gas-rock interactions on Venus to understanding rock properties of deep crustal rocks and melting processes. Modeling the interaction of fluids with rock compositions in various environments such as in the subsurface of Mars or on Icy Moons is of special interest to explore the possibilities for habitable environments in our Solar System and is therefore my main focus within AstrobiologyOU. 


Askival: An altered feldspathic cumulate sample in Gale crater (2023-01)
Bowden, Donald Lewis; Bridges, John C.; Cousin, Agnes; Rapin, William; Semprich, Julia; Gasnault, Olivier; Forni, Olivier; Gasda, Patrick; Das, Debarati; Payré, Valerie; Sautter, Violaine; Bedford, Candice C.; Wiens, Roger C.; Pinet, Patrick and Frydenvang, Jens
Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 58(1) (pp. 41-62)

A dunite fragment in meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 11421: A piece of the Moon’s mantle (2023)
Treiman, Allan H. and Semprich, Julia
American Mineralogist, 108(12) (pp. 2182-2192)

Constraints on the formation of carbonates and low‐grade metamorphic phases in the Martian crust as a function of H2O‐CO2 fluids (2022-01)
Semprich, Julia; Filiberto, Justin; Treiman, Allan H. and Schwenzer, Susanne P.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 57(1) (pp. 77-104)

High‐pressure metamorphic mineralogy of the Martian crust with implications for density and seismic profiles (2020-07)
Semprich, Julia and Filiberto, Justin
Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 55(7) (pp. 1600-1614)

Venus: A phase equilibria approach to model surface alteration as a function of rock composition, oxygen- and sulfur fugacities (2020)
Semprich, Julia; Filiberto, Justin and Treiman, Allan H.
Icarus, 346, Article 113779

Mesoarchaean (2820 Ma) high-pressure mafic granulite at Uauá, São Francisco Craton, Brazil, and its potential significance for the assembly of Archaean supercratons (2019-09-01)
Oliveira, Elson P.; Talavera, Cristina; Windley, Brian F.; Zhao, Lei; Semprich, Julia J.; McNaughton, Neal J.; Amaral, Wagner S.; Sombini, Gabriel; Navarro, Margareth and Silva, Dailto
Precambrian Research, 331, Article 105366

Phase Equilibria Modeling of Low-grade Metamorphic Martian Rocks (2019-03)
Semprich, J.; Schwenzer, S. P.; Treiman, A. H. and Filiberto, J.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 124(3) (pp. 681-702)

Geochronological and geochemical evidences for extension-related Neoarchean granitoids in the southern São Francisco Craton, Brazil (2017-06)
Moreno, J.A.; Baldim, M.R.; Semprich, J.; Oliveira, E.P.; Verma, S. and Teixeira, W.
Precambrian Research, 294 (pp. 322-343)

Phase equilibria and trace element modeling of Archean sanukitoid melts (2015-10)
Semprich, Julia; Moreno, Juan Antonio and Oliveira, Elson Paiva
Precambrian Research, 269 (pp. 122-138)

Geophysical-petrological modeling of the lithosphere beneath the Cantabrian Mountains and the North-Iberian margin: geodynamic implications (2015-08-01)
Pedreira, David; Afonso, Juan Carlos; Pulgar, Javier A.; Gallastegui, Jorge; Carballo, Alberto; Fernàndez, Manel; Garcia-Castellanos, Daniel; Jiménez-Munt, Ivone; Semprich, Julia and García-Moreno, Olga
Lithos, 230 (pp. 46-68)

Effect of small-scale heterogeneities on interpretation of crustal compositions exemplified by a layered anorthosite (2015-02)
Semprich, J. and Vrijmoed, J.C.
Lithos, 216-217 (pp. 298-314)

Inhibited eclogitization and consequences for geophysical rock properties and delamination models: Constraints from cratonic lower crustal xenoliths (2014-03)
Semprich, J. and Simon, N.S.C.
Gondwana Research, 25(2) (pp. 668-684)

Density variations in the thickened crust as a function of pressure, temperature, and composition (2010-10)
Semprich, Julia; Simon, Nina S. C. and Podladchikov, Yuri Yu.
International Journal of Earth Sciences, 99(7) (pp. 1487-1510)

The Archaean Karelia and Belomorian Provinces, Fennoscandian Shield (2014)
Hölttä, Pentti; Heilimo, Esa; Huhma, Hannu; Kontinen, Asko; Mertanen, Satu; Mikkola, Perttu; Paavola, Jorma; Peltonen, Petri; Semprich, Julia; Slabunov, Alexander and Sorjonen-Ward, Peter
In: Dilek, Y and Furnes, H eds. Evolution of Archean Crust and Early Life (pp. 55-102)
Publisher : Springer | Published : Dordrecht

Influence of Thermal Gradient and Water Content on the Composition of Venusian Basalts (2024)
Semprich, Julia
In : Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (11-15 Mar 2024, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas)

Modeling Melt Fractionation in the Venusian Mantle and Implications for Basalt Composition (2024)
Semprich, Julia
In : Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (11-15 Mar 2024, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas)

Compositional Variation of Venusian Melts as A Function of Thermal Gradient and Protolith (2023)
Semprich, Julia and Filiberto, Justin
In : 54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (13-17 Mar 2023, Houston, TX, USA)

From Geitafell Volcano (Iceland) to Mars: Hydrothermal Alteration of Basalt to Constrain Subsurface Fluid Pathways (2023)
Semprich, Julia
In : 54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (13-17 Mar 2023, Houston, TX, USA)

Unraveling Venus' Geological Past: Linking Melt Compositions to Reservoir and Depth (2023)
Semprich, Julia
In : Venus as a System Conference (1-3 Nov 2003, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Density Variations as a Function of Compostion in the Venusian Crust: Implications for Tesserae Formation (2022-03)
Baker, Aedan; Semprich, Julia; Schwenzer, Susanne; Greenwood, Richard C. and Filiberto, Justin
In : 53rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (7-11 Mar 2022, Houston, TX)

Modeling the crystallization of Martian igneous compositions (2022)
Semprich, Julia and Filiberto, Justin
In : 53rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (7-11 Mar 2022, Houston, TX, USA)