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Dr Kristen Reid


Virtual internships in open and distance learning contexts: Improving access, participation, and success for underrepresented students (2023-05-14)
Reid, Kristen; Butler, Diane; Comfort, Catherine and Potter, Andrew
Distance Education, 44(2) (pp. 267-283)

Social enterprise mythology: critiquing some assumptions (2006)
Reid, Kristen and Griffith, Jon
Social Enterprise Journal, 2(1) (pp. 1-10)

The complex challenges of building assets in rural communities and strategic bridging solutions (2004)
Nyman, Kristen
In: Scales, T.Laine and Streeter, Calvin L. eds. Rural social work: Building and sustaining community assets (pp. 206-225)
ISBN : 534621635 | Publisher : Wadsworth | Published : Belmont, CA, U.S.

Innovative business education design for 21st century learning (2016)
McGowan, Pauric; Blundel, Richard and Reid, Kristen
Daly, Peter; Reid, Kristen; Buckley, Patrick and Doyle, Elaine eds.
Advances in Business Education and Training
ISBN : 978-3-319-32620-7 | Publisher : Springer

UAV-Driven Ecosystems for Sustainable Livestock Management in Rural France: A Case Study (2024-06-19)
Filiou, Despoina; Lebreton, Adrien; Bojkova, Viara; Estelle, Nicolas; Reid, Kristen; Deng, Jie; Carli, Giacomo; Kasimati, Aikaterini and Arampatzis, Stratos
In : R&D Management Conference (17-19 Jun, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)

Apprentice Perspectives: Agency, resilience, and withdrawal in work-based learning provision (2024-06-17)
Myers, Fran; Reid, Kristen and Bloomfield, Sarah
In : The 13th Researching Work and Learning conference (17-19 Jun 2024, Linköping University, Sweden) (pp. 74-76)

Employer supported learning in Higher Education: Maximising the opportunity provided by the ‘tripartite relationship’ in degree apprenticeships (2024-06-13)
Bloomfield, Sarah; Mooney, Evelyn; Marshall, Helen; Salter, Abigail; Reid, Kristen; Smith, Maria and Abbott, Christine
In : NEON Summer Symposium (13-14 Jun 2024, University of West London, UK)

The straw that broke the camel's back?: a tensions based perspective on the role of Portfolios in aiding and restricting learning on the CMDA (2023-11-29)
Reid, Kristen; Bloomfield, Sarah and Myers, Fran
In : UVAC Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Knowledge Network (29 Nov 2023, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK)

Becoming and being a moral manager (2018)
Wishart, Maria; Schaefer, Anja and Reid, Kristen
In : British Academy of Management Conference Proceedings 2018 (04-06 Sep 2018, Bristol, UK)

Co-creating learning: tutor perspectives of practice-based learning (2010-04)
Reid, Kristen
In : 4th Open-CETL Conference (15-16 Dec 2009, Milton Keynes, uk)

Online study spine - use of structured content for practice-based activities on a stage 1 MBA course (2010)
Robinson, Sarah; Reid, Kristen and Schmidt, Gerald
In : eLearning Community Workshop (15 Dec 2010, Milton Keynes, UK)

Global competencies in socially responsible management: a case for practice-based learning in management education (2010)
Reid, Kristen
In : 10th Annual EURAM Conference (19-22 May 2010, Rome, Italy)

Going global: considerations and challenges in designing a 'global' MBA (2010)
Robinson, Sarah; Ramanau, Ruslan; Reid, Kristen and Honnor, Keith
In : Networked Learning Conference 2010 (3-4 May 2010, Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Sustainable funding for the Welsh rural voluntary sector: issues of networks, legitimacy and power (2009-11)
Reid, Kristen and Mordaunt, Jill
In : ARNOVA (19-21 Nov 2009, Cleveland, Ohio)

Successful capacity building: is there a greater challenge in rural areas? (2008)
Mordaunt, Jill and Reid, Kristen
In : Revealing ruralities: exploring issues for the VCS in rural areas (12 Nov 2008, Manchester, UK)

Successful capacity building: is there a greater challenge in rural areas? (2008)
Mordaunt, Jill and Reid, Kristen
In : Wales Voluntary Research Council Conference (27 Oct 2008, Cardiff, Wales)

What happens when apprentices are made redundant (2023-11-22)
Myers, Fran; Bloomfield, Sarah and Reid, Kristen

Business and Management Degree Apprenticeships – a quiet revolution, a work-in-progress, or business-as-usual? (2023-06-01)
Myers, Fran; Reid, Kristen and Bloomfield, Sarah
Open University, OU website.

Delivering effective enterprise education – the role of learning design and technology (2014-01-23)
McGowan, Pauric; Blundel, Richard and Reid, Kristen
Research and Information Service (RaISe), Northern Ireland Assembly