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Dr Marcelo Montemurro

Marcelo Montemurro

Profile summary

Professional biography

Over the past twenty years I have been affiliated with the following institutions (in loose chronological order):

National University of Córdoba (Córdoba, Argentina) – PhD in Theoretical Physics (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy).

International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy) – Research fellow (condensed-matter physics)

University of Manchester – Research fellow and then Lecturer (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health).

University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy) – Associate Professor (Physics department)

The Open University – Associate Lecturer, and then Staff Tutor from the summer of 2021 (School of Mathematics & Statistics – Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics group)

Research interests

A rather incomplete summary of interests is as follows:

Condensed-matter and statistical physics: out of equilibrium dynamics of spin-glasses and ultra-thin magnetic systems with competing interactions; dynamics of neural networks and systems with long-range interactions; algorithms for fast Monte Carlo simulations of systems with long-range interactions.

Complex systems: scaling and fractal properties of human language; characterisation of the information content of semantic structures in human language; complex networks; modelling of biological invasions;  modelling and quantification of information processing in neural systems; neural coding; measures of complexity based on information theory.

I am also interested in the relationship between information and thermodynamics, both in classical and quantum systems.


Teaching interests

Over the years I have taught undergraduate courses in different areas of physics and mathematics, including linear algebra, foundation mathematics, thermodynamics, mechanics, optics, and quantum mechanics. I also taught postgraduate courses in information theory, and mathematical modelling in neuroscience.

Currently, I am part of the module teams of MU123 (Discovering Mathematics) , MST210 (Mathematical Methods, Models and Modelling) and MST224 (Mathematical Methods).  I also teach at level 3 physics, quantum mechanics (SM358) and electromagnetism (SMT359).

External collaborations

My main current external collaborators are Prof. Mirko Degli Esposti (University of Bologna, Italy), Dr Giampaolo Cristadoro (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy), Dr John Gigg (University of Manchester), Dr Caroline Lea-Carnall (University of Manchester), and Dr Fernando Montani (National University of La Plata, Argentina).


GABA Modulates Frequency-Dependent Plasticity in Humans (2020-11-20)
Lea-Carnall, C. A.; Williams, S. R.; Sanaei-Nezhad, F.; Trujillo-Barreto, N. J.; Montemurro, M. A.; El-Deredy, W. and Parkes, L. M.
ISCIENCE, 23, Article 101657

Pattern separation underpins expectation-modulated memory (2020-04-22)
Frank, D.; Montemurro, M.A. and Montaldi, D.
Journal of Neuroscience, 40(17) (pp. 3455-3464)

Modulation of Fast Narrowband Oscillations in the Mouse Retina and dLGN According to Background Light Intensity (2017)
Storchi, R.; Bedford, R.A.; Martial, F.P.; Allen, A.E.; Wynne, J.; Montemurro, M.A.; Petersen, R.S. and Lucas, R.J.
Neuron, 93(2) (pp. 299-307)

Universal entropy of word ordering across linguistic families (2011-05)
Montemurro, M.A. and Zanette, D.H.
PLoS ONE, 6(5)

Conversion of phase information into a spike-count code by bursting neurons (2010)
Samengo, I. and Montemurro, M.A.
PLoS ONE, 5, Article e9669(3)