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Dr Lluisa Astruc

Profile summary

Professional biography

Before joining the Department of Spanish as Lecturer, I have worked as Affiliated Lecturer  in the Department of Spanish, University of Cambridge (since 2007), Associate Researcher at the Centre Neuroscience in Education, University of Cambridge (2008), Research Assistant at The Open University (2006), and as an Associate Lecturer of Spanish (The Open University, 2006-2008). 

Research interests

My research has dealt with all areas of Modern Languages and Linguistics. For instance, my first research interest was dystopian novels written by women. After completing a Master and a PhD in the Laboratory of Phonetics, University of Cambridge, my expertise expanded to speech and the interfaces of prosody, pragmatics, and syntax.

I have led or collaborated in several research projects over the last few years.  My work on these projects has contributed to advance the knowledge of the intonation of Catalan and Spanish dialects, of the interrelation between prosodic sensitivity and reading ability, and between intonation and politeness.

My new research interests include the application of playful learning and gaming principles to education (e.g. leading on an internally-funded project, 2019-20) and communication (leading on an internally-funded project involving a climate change simulation game, 2020-ongoing).

Teaching interests

Spanish language and linguistics. For instance, I coordinate, the OU advanced-level course in Spanish. I have taught Spanish linguistics as an Affiliated Lecturer (University of Cambridge) and Spanish language at beginners and intermediate level as an Associated Lecturer (The Open University).


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