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Dr Maria Velasco-Garcia

Profile summary

Professional biography

Senior Lecturer in Analytical Sciences

My research area is the development of novel chemical sensors and biosensors at point of care in medical and veterinary diagnostics

 Previous employment

Post Doctoral Researcher, Cranfield Biotechnology Centre, Cranfield University, UK, 1998-2000

Scientific Researcher, BBSRC, Silsoe Research Institute, UK, 2000-2005

Research interests

I am interested in the development of analytical diagnostic tools, focusing in detection of biomarkers for infection and disease. There is an ever-increasing demand for simple, selective, accurate and reliable methods for testing indicators of human and animal health status. Application of biosensors in clinical and veterinary testing has several potential advantages over other analysis including increase assay speed, automation, point-of-care diagnostics, reduced costs and capability for multi-target analyses.

I was awarded a grant by the World Cancer Research Fund International ( to develop low cost disposable sensors for the measurement of  DNA adducts in urine, related to red meat intake and the risk of colorectal cancer.  High meat consumption is associated with increased endogenous formation of N-nitrocompound residues that can alter DNA. O6-carboxymethylguanine (O6-CMdG) is formed when DNA is damaged by nitrosated glycine. The potential of excreted DNA adducts in urine as a completely non-invasive way of measuring human exposure to carcinogens has been know for some time but its use has been limited by the lack of suitable analytical methodologies.

Another project focuses on the bioengineering of electrochemical sensor arrays for acute phase proteins, that are considered as indicators of disease and well-being in animals. The project seeks to explore a new route to develop affordable field-based sensing technologies for specific biomarkers based on aptamers as molecular-recognition elements. The biosensors for acute phase proteins could be used as an early warning system, indicating when further diagnostic tests are required and in addition they could also be used as an intital screening test in zoonotic disease surveillance at abattoirs in the event of food scares.

Teaching interests

Author on the work-based learning module S110 Health Sciences in practice

Module Team Chair and Author on the work-based learning module S130 Analytical Sciences in practice

Module Team Chair and Author on the work-based learning module S230 Developing your Analytical Sciences in practice

Topic Team Chair and Author on the module S288 Practical Science - Water Quality Monitoring

Author on the module S215 General Chemistry 

Author on the module S206 Environmental Science

Module Team Chair and Author on the module S111 Questions in Science


Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Biomedical Research Network (BRN)NetworkFaculty of Science


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