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Dr Nick Gill

Profile summary

Professional biography

I joined the OU in October 2021 as a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics. Prior to that I held academic positions at the University of South Wales, the University of Costa Rica, the University of Bristol and the Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, India. 

I work at the OU 2 days a week; for the remainder of the week I am a Project Manager at the Sortition Foundation.

Research interests

I am interested in group theory which is an area of algebra concerned with the mathematical study of symmetry. Some particular interests are:

  1. Relational complexity: This is a statistic associated with finite permutation groups and originating in model theory. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand when finite permutation groups have relational complexity as large as possible or as small as possible. For the latter situation there is a famous conjecture of Cherlin which describes those primitive groups with RC=2. Martin Liebeck, Pablo Spiga and I held an EPSRC grant aimed at proving this conjecture: we were successful! The proof of the conjecture has been made public and will soon be published.
  2. Growth in groups: The study of how sets grow inside groups turns out to have applications in all sorts of areas of mathematics, from number theory to graph theory. I worked with Harald Helfgott to prove a particular case of the Helfgott-Lindenstrauss conjecture. This conjecture gives conditions under which subsets of finite linear groups grow rapidly. I also held an EPSRC grant to work on a related conjecture due to Liebeck, Nikolov and Shalev.
  3. Groups and finite geometry: Finite groups are connected to finite geometries in many ways: most obviously they can occur as automorphism groups and I have studied this situation in the case where the geometry in question is a finite projective plane. I have also studied how finite geometries can be used to "generate" groups and, with Neil Gillespie and Jason Semeraro, discovered some new ways to generate certain finite simple groups.


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Can we do inclusive politics in urgent times? (2024)
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Gill, Nick; Liebeck, Martin W. and Spiga, Pablo
Lecture Notes in Mathematics
ISBN : 978-3-030-95956-2 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Cham

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Publisher : American Mathematical Society