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My academic work emerges from expertise in alternative theories and practices of organising—specifically, alternative ways of organising and what we can learn from organising alternative things. This shapes a research and teaching agenda which is broadly dissatisfied with the status quo and seeks to nourish more equitable, diverse, and inclusive organisations.

I bring to this work an eclectic set of experiences, having (re-)turned to academia after an earlier career in professional music. Although I once hid this from view, I have come to revel in the experiences I gained working alongside musicians. This informs my own practice and helps me translate the work done in the context of a triple-accredited business school into novel, creative settings.

Research interests

My research interests are wide-ranging and I am engaged in different streams of work looking at how organisations/individuals are implicated in organising truth, the inclusion of trans and non-binary singers in the opera industry, how we advocate for better mental health in academia, and the transformational potential of learning and teaching differently.

I work from a critical constructivist perspective which helps make sense of my experiences of the world and act on my hopes for the future. Conceptually, my research tries to imagine alterity as a starting point to cultivate new organisational practices. I build my research on qualitative and socio-digital research methods suitable for interrogating alternative settings and exploring individual/collective subjectivities.

I share this work by writing for academic journals and books as well as reaching wider non-academic audiences through blogs and podcasts. And, I enjoy collaborations with scholars who share a desire to eradicate the marginalisation and othering of certain groups, including those who seek to overcome feelings of powerless in the face of the global effects of inequalities manifested through disease, poverty, and hunger.

Teaching interests

My own experiences of education have ranged from the most traditional settings (during my undergraduate degree) to more inclusive and informal spaces. As an academic, I am excited to share ideas encountered in my own research with students, and to help learners from all backgrounds (from bedrooms to boardrooms) reflect critically on their practice.

I am a passionate educator known for designing, delivering, assessing and revising teaching programmes at UG, PG, Doctoral, and Executive level. I have extensive experience in developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning, including online, hybrid, and in person formats, and sharing this practice with others. I hold a Masters in Education from the University of Cambridge, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Professional Practice and Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

My substantive contributions to teaching at The Open University are at postgraduate level. I am Qualification Lead for the MBA programme, and have authored materials on employee relations and qualitative research for the MSc in Human Resource Management. I am happy to receive enquiries about potential supervision at masters and doctoral levels.

Impact and engagement

My instinct is towards collaboration rather than competition. I try to extend the impact of my work into meaningful relationships with individuals and organisations, staying connected with the future consumers of the knowledge I produce. For example, I have been involved with alternative organisations and leadership development programmes as a critical friend. These relationships are very important to me and I am always happy to receive enquiries (from organisations, or from media) about my core areas of expertise.

I was elected to the CMS Division Executive Committee (Academy of Management) for a 5-year term (2020-2025) and currently serve as Division Chair. I am Co-Editor-in-Chief of Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal. I share this role with Paulina Segarra (Universidad Anahuac, Mexico) which cements a key international collaboration and signals my commitment to supporting critical qualitative research around the globe. I am also an Associate Editor of Culture and Organization, and a member of the editorial collective that leads the work of CMS InTouch. I am also a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.


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