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Dr Santiago Sanchez Moreano

Profile summary

Professional biography

I joined the Open University in October 2020. I hold a Ph.D. in Linguistics (USPC Sorbonne Paris Cité - Paris 7) focusing on Spanish varieties in contact with Ecuadorian varieties of Quichua in Colombia. After my Ph.D., I worked as an associate lecturer at the Department of Hispanic and Latin-American studies of the University Sorbonne Nouvelle (2016-2020). I also worked as a part-time lecturer in Hispanic sociolinguistics at the University of Bern (2019). 

During my doctorate studies, I worked as a research assistant in a State-funded program in France: Computer-based multifactorial analysis of language contact and change (French National Research Agency). I also worked as an associate postdoc within the LABEX Empirical Foundations of Linguistics – LC1 Multifactorial analysis of language changes, a research program funded by the French National Research Agency (Investissements d’Avenir).

Research interests

I am interested in the relationality between language, people and nature to address the societal challenge of including multilingual indigenous voices in the epistemic dialogue for sustainability and nature protection. I'm leading the Multilingualism, Sustainability and Education in Amazonia (MSEA) project supported by the Open University's Open Societal Challenges

I'm also interested in language as a social practice and the role it plays in the construction of the social world. I aim to understand how social actors use their linguistic resources and repertoires within interaction to negotiate and create social meaning via interactional stances and positionings in complex settings of contact and transnational mobility. 

My approach is interdisciplinary. It includes using ethnographic methods to fieldwork, social approaches to language, and socioecological approaches to human-nature relations. I draw on methods from various disciplines such as interactional sociolinguistics, sociocultural pragmatics, linguistic anthropology, discourse analysis, contact linguistics, and environmental (socio)-linguistics. 

I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Colombia, the Amazon Trapezium (Brazil, Colombia, Peru), and French Guiana.

Teaching interests

  • L106 Introduction to Spanish Studies 
  • L116 Spanish Studies 1 (Intermediate) Chair

External collaborations

I currently collaborate with the research program Multi-L - From contact linguistics to societal issues of multilingualism (PIs: Isabelle Léglise, Valelia Muni Toke et Stefano Manfredi) at the Mixed Research Unit Structure et Dynamique des Langues in Paris; and the research program Limits of variability in Spanish relative complementation (PI: Melanie Uth) at the University of Potsdam. 

In 2020-2022, I collaborated with the project Aproximación a la diversidad lingüística y sociocultural de Cartagena: diagnóstico sociolingüístico de poblaciones minoritarias, pensando en una ciudad-región sostenible (PIs: Doris Patricia Fagua Rincón and Diana Padilla Torres), at the Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia.


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