Launch of the OULDI @ Brunel website

The Brunel OULDI project team is pleased to announce the launching of its own project website entitled OULDI @ Brunel


The website has been set up to provide up to date information about our project activities thus far.  As can be seen from the image below, the website has five menu options: 

‘Initiatives’ provides an overview of the Mapping the Curriculum Process and Blended Learning Design Workshops initiatives we have undertaken since the start of the project in July 2008.  Both initiatives underpin one main objective; which is to enable course design teams and stakeholders to think profoundly about best uses of learning technologies during the inception stages of course planning and design.   More information can be found at


‘Deliverables’ hosts our completed end products developed during this project.  Currently one has been made available, entitled The Learning Design Suite which is freely accessible both internally and externally.  The suite is an online resource database with useful guidance and information on developing an engaging technology enhanced curriculum.  More deliverables are currently being developed and will be posted on the website once completed.


‘Blog’ contains a link to the OULDI blog. This blog is maintained by the Open University (Project Lead Institution) and provides the latest updates on the entire project initiatives and deliverables. To access the blog go to

‘Resources’ menu option provides electronic copies of documents and links to download learning design tools used during our initiatives, including Compendium LD – a Learning Design Visualisation tool, and Cloudworks – a social networking site for learning and teaching.  Both tools have been developed by the Open University.  To access the project resources, go to

‘Contact the Team’ lists the contact details of the Brunel OULDI project team

More project updates will be provided on the website when available.  We are now in the process of formulating case studies of design initiatives which stemmed from the learning design workshops initiative.

So watch this space!

Natalie Parnis

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