Workshop at JISC Experts Meeting, Maple House, Birmingham

I’m leading a workshop tomorrow at the JISC Experts Meeting in Birmingham. I’ll be sharing the key principles of the OULDI methodology and some of the tools and activities, but more particularly I’ll be inviting participants to begin to develop and share their own Curriculum Design activities, using best practice frameworks and collaboration methods from their own settings. The one hour workshop is called: ‘Collaborative activities for curriculum design’. The slides are available for download from Slideshare and embedded below.

The activity that goes with slide 14 is as follows:

1. Identify your module’s key features. Choose a maximum of 12 cards from the module features prompt card set (10mins).

Note: The cards correspond to the aspects drawn out in the module map. Orange=Guidance and support, Blue=Content and experience, Green=Communication and collaboration, Purple=Reflection and demonstration. Are there any colour cards you haven’t chosen? How might this impact on learners’ experience?

2. Add your 12 keywords to the keywords box on the module map and begin to complete the boxes (see the example module map for more guidance) (10mins).

3. You want to ensure that these students are given the opportunity to practice a wide range on level 1/4 Information Literacy Skills. Using the Information Literacy Facilitation Cards, consider whether you need to amend or enhance any aspects of your module map (10mins)

We’ll be using these three resources in the activities (links below). Please feel free to download and try them but please do let us know how you get on!

Course Map Spreadsheet

Information Literacy Facilitation Cards

Module features prompt cards

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