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Andrew McDermott

Profile summary

  • Product Development Manager (Learning Innovation)
  • Learning and Teaching Innovation
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Innovation
  • andrew.mcdermott

Professional biography

A Product Development Manager (Learning Innovation) at The Open University, always looking forward to the next development in technology and how it can provide opportunities for everyone to access content in easier ways, yet in higher quality. I'm involved in researching and implementing new technology, systems and practices and helping to inform and shape the future direction of The OU's course design and student experience, and am currently leading the OpenCreate project. 

My previous roles at The Open University involved designing and producing a range of multimedia and interactive HTML5 assets for The Open University's MOOCs on FutureLearn and other platforms, leading a small team on the production of these, as well as animation and artwork assets for all MOOCs. 

I've also designed and compiled highly interactive ePubs and iBooks Textbooks and their associated media (HTML5 activities, A/V, editorial content, artwork and imagery, etc.) for digital delivery via iBookstore, iTunesU Courses and other channels, in order to aid students learning and to develop new methods of delivery for the University.

As part of the new Learning Innovation team, I recently managed the release of our Digital First series (see for more info, or view the trailer here).

Research interests

  • Educational Technology
  • Digital authoring tools
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • eBooks (ePub, EduPUB, iBooks)
  • Learning Systems
  • Mobile - apps and devices