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Zoe Morland

Profile summary

Professional biography

2018-Present - School of Physical Sciences PhD student

2015-2018 - BSc(Hons) Geology with Planetary Science at the University of Manchester

2013-2015 - A-levels at Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge (Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)

Research interests

PhD: "Impact and heat processing of Mars' Moon Phobos"

I look into the survivability of biomarkers in impact events associated with Phobos using the All-Axis two-stage Light Gas Gun at the Open University.

Research group: AstrobiologyOU -


  • Impact crater morphologies
  • Impact products
    • Impact melt in Martian shergottites
    • Preserved impactor metal in Lunar meteorites
    • Organic survival

Impact and engagement

Public engagement:

  • Writer for Rockwatch Magazine


Characterising the Transfer of Biomarkers within the Phobos-Mars System (2020-03)
Morland, Z. S.; Pearson, V. K.; Patel, M. R.; Green, S. F.; Ramkissoon, N. K. and Spencer-Jones, C. L.
In : 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (16-20 Mar 2020 (Cancelled), Houston, USA)

Modelling the survival of ejected martian biomarkers impacting Phobos (2020)
Morland, Zoe; Halim, Samuel; Pearson, Victoria; Patel, Manish; Green, Simon and Ramkissoon, Nisha
In : Europlanet Science Congress 2020 (21 Sep - 9 Oct 2020, Virtual)

Metal Impactor Fragment found in Lunar Regolith Breccia Meteorite North West Africa 10989 (2019-05)
Morland, Zoe; Joy, Katherine; Gholinia, A and Degli Alessandrini, Giulia
In : 7th European Lunar Symposium (21-23 May 2019, Manchester, UK)

Chemical and Textural characterisation of two Phobos regolith simulants (2019-03-21)
Morland, Zoe; Pearson, Victoria; Patel, Manish and Green, Simon
In : Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (18-22 Mar 2019, Houston, USA)

Metal in lunar meteorite North West Africa 10989 Insight into survivability of impactor material delivered to the Moon (2019-03)
Morland, Zoe; Joy, Katherine; Gholinia, A and Degli Alessandrini, Giulia
In : Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (18-22 Mar 2019, Houston, USA)

Transfer of Biomarkers in the Phobos-Mars System: Hyper-Velocity Impact Investigations using a Light Gas Gun (2019)
Morland, Z.S.; Pearson, V.K.; Patel, M.R.; Green, S.F. and Ramkissoon, N.K.
In : 2nd British Planetary Science Conference (13-15 Jan 2020, Oxford, UK)

Impactor material in new lunar meteorite NWA 10989 (2018-09)
Morland, Zoe and Joy, Katherine
In : European Planetary Science Congress 2018 (16-21 Sep 2018, Berlin, Germany)

Lunar Fragmental Breccia NWA 10989: Implications for the Evolution of the Lunar Crust (2017-12)
Morland, Z. S. and Joy, K. H.
In : UKPF 15th Early Career Planetary Scientists' Meeting (6 Dec 2017, Glasgow, UK)

Cooling rates and vesiculation of shock melt pockets in shergottites (2017-12)
Morland, Z. and Krzesińska, A. M.
In : 1st British Planetary Science Congress (03-05 Dec 2017, Glasgow, UK) (p 56)

Mars' moon Phobos: A better place to search for Martian life than Mars itself? (2020)
Morland, Zoe
The Open University

PoPSAT (Polar Precipitation SATellite) (2016)
Morland, Zoe; Bentel, Katrin; Binder, Matthias; Birkeland, Even; Guilloteau, Clement; Kalinauskaite, Eimante; Kiefer, Joshua; Lopez, Ana Lola; Mione, Michele; Palla, Marco; Roth, Georg; Strobl, Robert; Tanis, Cemal; Tomici, Maja and Pellet, Victor
Summer School Alpbach