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The Robert Minter Collection: A Handlist of Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Trumpet Repertory

Trevor Herbert

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IDCat NoComposerDateTitleInstrumentsSourceGenreNotes
A1001 PURCELL, H l17C Trumpet Sonata in D Trp. 2 Vln. Vla. Bass (cont). GB:Y M15S Solo Sonata Solo sonata in 3 mvts: Trp. tacet in middle adagio mvt. Purcell Soc. Ed. SER00433 See also A1433. 
A1002 BONONCINI,G B e18C Overture in D 2 Trp. Timp. Ob. Unspec. Orchestral Overture: opera 'Griselda' 3 mvt overture: Presto, Adagio, Allegro 
A1003 CLARKE, J l17C Symphony in C Fl./Trp. Ob. Strings with cont. GB:T 1232 Symphony to an ode Symphony in 3 mvts. to an ode composed on the deliverance of the King leading to Aria "Now Albion raise thy drooping head". 
A1004 CLARKE, J l17C Instrumental music 2 Trp./Fl. Vlns. Vla. Cont.Bass GB:T 1226 Symphonies and Ground from ode on Assumption GB T1226 is an autograph in Clarke's own hand. Selection consists of (1) Symphony (overture) in D: (2) Ground in D: (3) 2 Symphonies in D. 
A1005 CLARKE, J l17C Overture Trp. Vlns. Vla. Cont.Bass. GB:T 1232 Overture to ode The ode was composed to the peace of Berwick and performed at Drury Lane. The 3 sections are an Alla Breve, Presto in 3/8, concluding Adagio in 3/2 time. 
A1006 FINGER, Godfrey 1701 Symphony in C Trp. Str. Orch. Cont. GB:Cfm 23 H 12 Symphony (overture) to 2nd act This symphony is from the second act of "The Virgin Prophetess". 
A1007 FINGER, Godfrey l17C Minuet in g Trbl. Rec. Cont. Bass Schott & Co. S & Co 6108 Divisions over a Ground 8 divisions (variations) over an 8 bar ground bass. 
A1008 FINGER, G c1690 Sonata Fl. Ob./Vln. Cont. No.26 in "Musica Practica Trio Sonata for 2 soli and Continuo Finger was court composer to James II. It is based on a collection of Finger and Corbett chamber music pub. in 1709 by Estienne Roger.Original instrumentation gives Fl./Recorder. 
A1009 FINGER, G l17C Sonata in C Trp. Vln. Ob. Cont. Bass. Ms. by Minter 28.10.71 Sonata a 4 A modern transcription by Minter designed for publication. No source given, but almost certainly based on GB.Lbl.Add.MS.49599. 
10 A1010 LINIKE, J G 1737 Sonata a 5 Trp. Ob. Fl. Vln. Cont. Ms. by Minter 15.11.71 Sonata for 4 soli and continuo Modern transcription designed for publication. No source given. 
11 A1011 ECCLES, J e18C Symphony for Mercury Ob./Trp. Str. Cont. Unspec.(but see Addinf) Symphony in 4 mvts. from "The Judgement of Paris" The symphony is of the sonata da chiesa type: slow-quick-slow-quick.Source is possibly GB.Lbl.Hirsch II.22b. 
12 A1012 PURCELL, D 1698 2 Symphonies from The Ode to St Cecilia 2 Trp. Ob. Vln. Timp. Cont. Phil: Hayes Lib. 1757 2 Symphonies from Ode to St Cecilia The full version of the Ode is included together with a copy of the Symphony only. 
13 A1013 PURCELL, H l17C Symphony in D 2 Trp. 2 Vln. Vla. Cont. Bass. Phil: Hayes Lib. 5538 [?] Overture The third section of expected overture form is missing. Publication headed 'Yorkshire Feast Song'. 
14 A1014 BATES, W c.1765 2 Concertos 2 Vln. 2 Ob. 2 Trp. Vla. Bass. Cont. Timp. 2 Corn. GB:Lbl g.406 a Concertos in 10 parts. Op. 2 The concertos are Nos. 2 and 4 from Bates Opus 2. See also A4021. 
15 A1015 BATES, W c.1765 2 Concertos 2 Trp. 2 Corn. Timp. 2 Ob. Fg. 2 Vln. Vla. Bass. Cont. GB:Lbl g.406 a Concertos in 10 parts. Op. 2 The concertos nos. 2 and 4 from Bates's op. 2 concertos in 10 parts a full score transcription (in Minter's hand). See also A4021. 
16 A1016 GREENE, M 1739/40 Symphony in D Trp. Timp. 2 Ob. Fg. Vln. Vla. Bass. Cont. GB:Ob Ms Mus d.40 Overture to Court Ode for the New Year This New Year Ode was performed at St James before King and Court,1739/40. 
17 A1017 TORELLI, G 1665-1695 Sinfonia a 6 con due trombe 2 Trp. Org. I:Bsp T.I.10 / King Mu Transcription for 2 Trp. and organ of This piece should really be ascribed to one of the Bolognese masters rather than to the authorship of Torelli. 
18 A1018 VARIOUS m17C Music from court of King James I  GB:Cfm 24.E.13-17 6 part dances Dances by Bassano, Anthony - Harding - Anon - Farnaby, Giles 
19 A1019 LULLY, J B m17C Suite  Unspec. A selection of instrumental intermezzi Extracts from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. 
20 A1020 FINGER, G l17C Orchestral Suite (Overture) [in 4 parts] Unspec. Orchestral Suite The work consists of an Ouverture, Bourree, Minuet, Gavotte, Hornpipe March. Marked as deriving from "The Wives' Victory" (adapt. of Merry Wives of Windsor).