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The case of units and variables

I’ve talked about students’ difficulties with units before – on 10th and 15th March 2011. In addition to the deeper problems that students encounter, they frequently give the incorrect case when writing abbreviations for units. When they write Kg instead … Continue reading

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More about units

OpenMark e-assessment questions were used for the first time in a little 10-credit module called Maths for Science ┬áthat has been running since 2002. I did some analysis years ago into the mistakes that students make, but I’m about to … Continue reading

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Units : little things that make a difference

If we start from the premise that we want assessment to encourage and support learning, then one measure of the assessment’s effectiveness is better performance on later summative tasks. Mundeep Gill and Martin Greenhow (Gill, M. and Greenhow, M. (2008) … Continue reading

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